Carrying on from my previous post about not finding the grill open at the little tavern we stopped at last Sunday: We “did” find somewhere not far down the road where we enjoyed a tasty supper.

Mainprize Regional Park is a resort area near here with great fishing and a beautiful golf course.

We decided to try the clubhouse restaurant and we weren’t disappointed.

We shared an order of boneless pork bites for an appetizer
Hubs ordered the cheeseburger poutine
I had the ginger beef rice bowl with pork dumplings

Everything was full of flavour and we were well-satisfied with the serving sizes.

On the way home, the sky opened up and it rained so hard for a few minutes, hubs couldn’t see the side of the road to pull over. There had been tornado warnings for areas to the west of us, so I was more than a bit worried. Once again, I was thankful for hubs’ many years of experience behind the wheel of a semi.

This was after the rain had “let up a bit”

Photo Note: When photographing scenes like the one in my feature photo, and when photographing food, I usually use the portrait setting on my phone. This gives a nice bokeh and works well to feature the subject. For the rain photo, I shot a video and then opened it in an app called Video2Photo. This app allows you to choose any frame from the video and save it as a still photo.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Virginia Woolf