Our city does a great job of maintaining our walking trails. The majority of the trails are paved, and each summer, a large section is repaired and a new lift is put on.

What always amazes me, is that, despite man’s best efforts, Mother Nature sits back and smirks as we toil away. Her ultimate goal is always to take back what belongs to her.

Bit by bit, she pushes through the pavement. There doesn’t even need to be a crack in it for her to get her foothold.

In this particular segment of the Red Coat Trail, I believe the winner has been established:

The suckers from the trees and shrubs alongside the path have completely upended the pavement beyond this sign. It appears that the city has conceded to Mother Nature on this segment, as it hasn’t been repaired or reopened in the three years I’ve been walking out there.

“ A plastic landscape is what man desires, but which Mother Nature doesn’t want.”

Anthony T. Hincks