One of my favourite sights and scents along my walking trails are the honeysuckle blossoms. In my books, when they’re in full bloom, as they are right now, they’re royalty among the perennial shrubs.

Last year, I shot a few close-ups of floral bunches of honeysuckles with my regular phone camera lens. This year, I wanted to get in really tight to get a good look at a single set of petals and wanted to get some pollen in the shot as well. My Moment macro lens helped me to achieve that. Although there’s only a hint of pollen behind the petal in my feature photo, it’s there, and I’m quite pleased with the shot. The microscopic dew drops were a bonus! I took the shot from the back of the blossom. The phone photography course I took two winters ago said to take the same shot from different angles and this tip has served me well.

This one is more focused on the anthers covered with pollen:

For those of you who are interested in the size of this little powerhouse of a lens, this should give you an idea:

Here’s the lens and lens hood (I don’t have large hands)

So, as you can see, it’s small, but despite it’s tiny size, very well built. The housing is metal and the lens is glass so it has a nice solid weight to it. Its not heavy. It just doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy.

Attached to my iPhone via the special case that has lens mounts

“The scent of honeysuckle hangs in the darkness like the thick glob of sugar at the bottom of a glass of lemonade.”

Erika Robuck