This morning, I came across this macro photo and a few others in my phone’s camera roll, so I decided to stick with a macro theme for a while longer.

Usually, if something I’m shooting is very small, I put my finger next to it for a regular shot before I attach the macro lens. This better gives an idea of the actual size of the object and it makes it easier to i.d. (if the object is a plant).

I missed taking the perspective shot for this one, but I remember the actual plant and the exact location. It’s a shrub growing by the riverbank at the second bridge on the Redcoat Trail. These little seed pods were in clusters on the branches and each seed pod was no bigger than half of one oat in rolled oats cereal. How’s that for specific? Imagine how small those anthers are if the entire pod is so small.

I’ll walk the Redcoat Trail again this morning to get a comparative photo and a better one to ID the shrub.

“Actually, it’s nature itself that creates the most beautiful pictures, I’m only choosing the perspective.”

Katja Michael