It’s fun to watch different personalities emerge as people get their yards ready for summer. Some yards are elegant and symmetrical, some are massed arrays of perennials, some have fountains and benches, and some are just plain fun and whimsical.

I pass this yard often on my walks but this year was the first time I noticed the fence peeper. I’m betting whoever lives in this home has a great sense of humour.

My original photo was underexposed, so the face of the fence peeper was barely distinguishable. Increasing the exposure enough for the face to be clear resulted in other areas being blown out.

Enter the Snapseed app selective tool. With this tool, you can tap on the area of the photo that you want to brighten and then adjust that area alone. I’ve used this a lot when I have a photo of someone that shows a dark shadow on part of their face.

“Anyone can take an adventure even if it’s only in your own backyard. Let your imagination be your adventure and see where it takes you.”

Carmela Dutra