There’s a small park on the easternmost edge of our city. One of my walking trails takes me on the circular path around it.

Because this park sits at the halfway point of my power walk, I usually give myself a quick stop to take some photos and then pick up the pace again for the remainder of my walk. This allows me to maintain my pace in cardio range.

I’ve featured this play structure a few times in previous posts. I think what attracts me is that deep blue and lime green is one of my favourite color combos. In addition, the various shapes of the structure provide options for completely different photos, depending on the perspective.

I recently read an article about layering in photography. It said that photographs are two dimensional by nature, so layering is one way to add both interest and depth.

As I passed the play structure, the article came to mind, so I looked for a vantage point to practice what I had read, and this one seemed to work.

Despite being able to find a way to use layering, there is a distraction in the photo. Do you see it and does it bother you?

“Photography has no rules, it is not a sport. It is the result which counts, no matter how it is achieved.”

Bill Brandt