It’s not often we have a completely clear night sky here, and it seems that it never happens during a lunar eclipse.

I didn’t expect a clear sky last night, so didn’t make plans for eclipse watching. I was already in my pj’s and bathrobe and decided to step out onto our balcony “just in case”.

The moon was already covered by the eclipse but every single star was twinkling as bright as can be.

I excitedly rallied hubs from his spot on the sofa, and we took a drive to the edge of town so we could watch the “Super Flower Blood Moon” appear after the eclipse.

It was a wonderful thing to watch and the frogs were chirping a beautiful song, as if in appreciation.

I was in such a hurry to get going (yes, in my pj’s and robe), that I forgot to take my phone tele lens along. At first, that was a disappointment, but after I looked at my photos, I decided that with the ground elements, the stars, and the blood moon combined, I captured more of the memory of the evening than I would have caught in a closer shot of the moon alone.

“The best night of my life was watching the moon turn red on an island .I think it was called the blood moon and it happens like once every – I don’t know how long, but it was a beautiful night. It was a very magical moment.”

Luke Evans