One of the things I love about the Moment macro lens for phone cameras is that it picks up microscopic detail. It’s always so interesting to see things not normally seen with the naked eye and then to do the research to learn about what I’m seeing in the photo.

My feature photo is of a tiny bud that was starting to open. Because I was walking by at a very brisk pace, I almost missed that the leaves were opening – that’s how small the buds were.

I never stop to look at photos I’ve taken while I’m power walking. I snap them (I never know if “snap” is the right term for phone photos) and then quickly pick up my pace again. With photos like this one, it’s always a pleasant surprise after I’m home from my walk.

My research revealed that those tiny hairs are botanically called trichomes and that they’re essential because they help to insure that water is distributed evenly through a plant.

Isn’t nature amazing?

“The leaf does not immediately absorb the drop of water falling on it; she slowly drinks with great pleasure!”

Mehmet Murat ildan