On yesterday morning’s walk, I attached my phone macro lens in hopes of finding tiny spring things to photograph.

When I leave the house with this intent, I know that my walk will be stop and go, and I won’t get as much cardio in as I would in a normal power walk. When I stop for the photos, it’s usually for less than one minute and then I immediately resume my power walk pace until the next photo stop.

The advantage to these “photo walks”, is that I’m extremely tuned in to my surroundings and definitely living in the moment, and that’s always a good thing for my soul.

I was happy to find several tiny spring things to practice macro photography on, which I’ll feature over the next few days.

Today’s feature photo is of a tiny perennial flower I saw blooming near the street in a yard near here. Each stalk was loaded with blossoms, and each floret was about 1/6 the size of my small fingernail.

A Google image search this morning revealed that this plant is called Puschkinia, or Striped Squill and that it’s like a miniature hyacinth. It was developed in Russia, so it’s hardy in cold weather zones. It blooms right as soon as the snow is gone.

There was a bit of a breeze yesterday, so the resulting movement of the buds and flowers made for a slight blur in my photos. I was able to reasonably correct the focus in Snapseed.

“The smallest things can make you feel good about being alive.”

Marty Rubin