In looking back through my photos of our trip home from Texas last month, I came across this one of a unique bridge over the Missouri River in Yankton, SD.

This year, I used the info feature in the native photos app on my phone that allows me to tag the name of the place and add any other tidbits about the photo. This has been extremely helpful, especially when looking back and not being sure where the photo was taken or what was happening at the time of the photo.

The Discovery Bridge was opened October 11, 2008, exactly 84 years after the dedication of its predecessor, the Meridian Highway Bridge. The Meridian Highway Bridge is still standing, but due to deterioration issues is now open to foot traffic only.

The Discovery Bridge was so named, because it was discovered that there was enough money in the budget to build it.

It was a finalist in the 2009 America’s Transportation Awards for “representing the best in innovative management, accountability and timeliness”. (Wiki)

In post processing of this photo, I used the Touch Retouch App to remove a few bug smears, and then Snapseed to adjust the white balance and did minor tweaks on exposure and contrast. These adjustments are almost always needed on photos taken through a vehicle window.

“Man, like the bridge, was designed to carry the load of the moment, not the combined weight of a year at once.”

William Arthur Ward