I took yesterday morning’s power walk along one of our in-city trails.

This route involves walking on several city streets to arrive at a walking path that winds through the farthest northeastern and northernmost point of our small prairie city. I prefer to walk on the pavement vs the sidewalks because it’s easier underfoot. My walks are always early enough that there’s almost zero traffic, so I don’t worry about navigating the streets to get to my destination path.

Although I prefer the trails that follow the river, it’s nice to have options to change things up a bit.

The North Side Walking Path

My feature photo is of a solitary massive boulder in a field alongside the walking path. Each time I’ve passed it over the years, I’ve wondered how I could show in a photo, how big it is. Because I walk alone at a time when there’s seldom anyone else out, getting a photo of myself beside it was impossible.

As I stopped briefly to line it up for a photo, I thought that it almost had the shape of a running shoe. That’s when the lightbulb finally went on. I could put my shoe on top of it to demonstrate the scale.

The sunrise provided a perfect backdrop, so all in all, I was pleased with the end result.

“How big we are ‘not’ is evidenced when we stand face-to-face with everything else, including ourselves.”

Craig D. Lounsbrough