Yesterday, I decided to take this flu-infested body for a walk.

It was the absolute best thing I could have done. Magically, shortly after I returned home, I noticed that my lungs had cleared, my cough had stopped, and my nose was no longer plugged or dripping. This morning, I feel 100% back to normal and life is grand.

On my walks I often come across at least one interesting thing. Yesterday, there were two.

The first thing was a jet black rabbit. I had never seen one in the wild before, so I snapped a couple of quick photos before it darted away. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my phone tele lens attached, so my feature photo is the result of an extreme crop. Thus the pixelization.

My first thought was that someone’s tame rabbit had gotten loose.

After I returned home, I Googled (of course I did), and learned that black rabbits do, in fact, exist in the wild. They’re referred to as melanistic. This is a genetic mutation and if both parents carry the overdevelopment of the melanin gene then there’s a greater possibility of a black rabbit. Of course, it could have been a tame rabbit, or a descendant of a tame rabbit that got loose, but I prefer to believe that what I saw was a rare genetic mutation.

The other creature I saw that’s rarely found in the wild was this beast clinging tightly to a tree:

Hmmm …

As I was giggling out loud while snapping the photo, this one had my mind going in many directions with so many explanatory scenarios. The most likely one is that this was at one time domesticated, but during the extremely high autumn and winter winds here, it was ripped from its home on a clothesline somewhere in town and after a wild trip around the city, it finally nested here and became quite feral over time.

Have a lovely Wednesday. 😊

“If all the eccentricities and all the strangenesses in this world suddenly disappear, people will fall asleep from the boredom! Every kind of oddity makes life more interesting, less boring!”

Mehmet Murat ildan