On my first morning walk outdoors since arriving back in Canada, I came across this pair of Canada Geese.

Canada Geese are almost always seen in pairs and may mate for life. They’re one of few birds where it’s difficult to distinguish male from female by colour and markings alone.

This pair was alternately walking and resting alongside the riverbank, likely scouting out a place to nest.

I always look forward to the days when the dame takes her goslings in tow for their first ventures onto the river.

I’ve decided to go out for a stroll this morning . My cold isn’t improving by staying indoors, and staying cooped up inside is making me crazy.

Even if my lungs won’t allow me to power walk just yet, I know that the fresh air and outdoor surroundings will definitely help me to feel better mentally, and who knows, it might even help physically. I’ve tried everything else with little improvement, so why not a little fresh air and exercise? I seldom see anyone on the walking paths at the time of day I’m out there, so I won’t be spreading this bug to anyone.

“ Nesting: They prefer a spot from which they can have a fairly unobstructed view in many directions. Female selects the site and does much of nest construction. She adds down feathers and some body feathers beginning after the second egg is laid. She does all the incubation while her mate guards her and the nest.”