On my walk alongside the river a couple of days ago, this snow goose landed not too far from me.

He had obviously just been for a swim and was ruffling his feathers to dry off.

I didn’t get too close, as I had been reading about the Avian Flu being extremely bad in bird populations this year, and especially in snow geese in our area.

Original photo using 2x zoom while shooting

Because he didn’t seem to mind me stopping to take a few photos, I couldn’t help but wonder if he was a little disoriented. I’ve been reading that this is one of the signs of Avian Flu infection in birds. Perhaps this is why he seems to look sad.

In post processing, I just did a crop and then minor adjustments to exposure and contrast. I tried creating some bokeh in my FOCOS app, but didn’t like the results because it tended to blur the feet along with the grass. I think there’s a way to avoid that and I’ll have time to play around with it as I recover from my own virus.

“We’re concerned with any avian influenza virus that’s circulating in domestic poultry or wild birds. Because humans have no prior immunity to these viruses typically, if they were to be infected and spread the virus to other humans, then we could have another pandemic virus on our hands.”

Todd Davis