As I noted in yesterday’s post, I had been reading about a photo editing process that I found interesting.

It was apparently originally posted on TikTok. The article said that this was one way to add depth and life to any of your iPhone photos without using filters. I seldom use filters anyways, but thought I’d give it a try. I applied it to a couple of photos and thought it did a pretty good job. This morning, I tried it on a number of photos and had varying results.

Those varying results validated my original thought when I was reading the article, “You can’t possibly apply the same process to every photo and have good results – there are just too many variables in photography”.

In my feature photo, the one at the top is the original.

I do like how the edits brought out the red in the highway of southern South Dakota, because to the naked eye, it is red. The sky is also a more accurate colour in the edited photo.

Here’s another example:

The original is on the left

If you have an iPhone and you want to try it yourself, here’s the process. I just wrote it on a piece of paper for quick reference while applying the edits. I then put it into my iPhone notes in point form. I do all of my edits on the larger screen of my iPad so the process in my iPhone notes is easy to follow.

(The Above is a Screen Shot from Robotics Group Article)

** Before you hit done to save the edits, tap on the photo and you’ll see your original. This is a good practice anytime you’re editing phone photos, because it allows you to decide which version you like best. If you prefer your original, don’t select done. Instead, select cancel and then tap on discard changes **

“There are no cookie-cutter solutions that you can apply from one circumstance to another. They’re different. Our interests, as implicated, are different. The tools we have at our disposal are different.

Susan Rice