On our first day of travelling home from South Texas, we made it as far as Waco. This was the longest we had ever driven in one day in the State of Texas, so the next day, we decided to take a day off from the road and explore a place we had seen on the way by two years ago, but were unable to visit due to Covid-19 closure.

Just inside the Texas/Oklahoma border, near the small town of Thackerville stands the Winstar World Casino. This is currently the world’s world’s largest casino. It’s an unlikely spot in a rural setting, but there she stands in all of her glory.

When I’m near the world’s largest anything, I have to stop to take a closer look. To say this place is impressive is a huge understatement. Just the different entrances and front facades are worth the stop to check out the architecture.

There is a campground on site equipped for 200 RV’s that offers a shuttle service to the casino, but we didn’t access that because we thought we’d only be there two hours tops.

Because we didn’t intend to stay long (after all, how long could it take to walk through a casino, right?), we dry camped for the night in the parking lot in front of the Vienna entrance.

I snapped all of the photos for this post at sunrise, just before we left for points north.

In tomorrow’s post, I’ll tell you about our experiences inside of this gargantuan casino resort.