We arrived home at 8:40 am yesterday. It’s wonderful to travel and after being away for over five months, it’s even more wonderful to return home.

We live only 1.5 hours from the Canada/US border, so we spent the night at the border in order to cross before it got too busy.

This photo is the view as you approach our small prairie city, coming from the southeast. One of our favourite jokes is that it’s so flat here, that you can watch your dog run away for three days.

My next few posts will cover some of the highlights of our six day trip home.

Because my feature photo was taken from the front window of our motorhome, I had to do a bit of post processing in Snapseed. I did some white balance correction and some clarity tweaks to compensate for the movement of the motorhome.

I used my Moment 58mm tele lens on my iPhone for the vast majority of the photos taken through the motorhome window, and overall, I’m pleased with the results.

“All roads lead home as home is where the heart is. So Love. Simply Love. For love is home to all of us.”

Wald Wassermann