This morning, we’ll hook up and start our trek back to Canada.

We’ll take our time travelling home (likely 5 to 7 days), but the chances are good that I won’t be posting during that time.

My feature photo was taken on a foggy morning walk a while back. Thank goodness it’s not foggy this morning.

We do want to leave early though, to avoid the extreme heat that’s forecast for our part of the RGV today.

We’ve spent the past few days packing everything up and taking things over to the house that we don’t want to haul home and then back again this fall.

This will be the last trip south for Libby (our little Jeep) and Miss TCB (our motorhome).

This fall, we’ll make the trek in our regular car and will hotel it along the way, which will be a whole new experience.

Hubs is now up and at ‘em and I’m getting strong hints to get moving.

I’ll be back to posting regularly once we get home. Until then, take good care, my readers.