I’ve been away from posting for a few days because big things have been happening in our lives and we’ve been very busy.

Hubs and I have recently purchased a 1368 sq ft 3-bedroom, 2 full bathrooms mobile home here in our park in South Texas.

It wasn’t a tough decision. Our park is a perfect fit for us. The home suits us well. Gas prices are insane to keep hauling our rig so many miles back and forth to get here. We enjoy having visitors, and the price of the home was right.

There are a few minor external repairs that hubs will look after when we return in the fall.

My feature photo didn’t show the long driveway. This one does, but I cut off some of the house, so I decided it wasn’t a good one for the feature.

This driveway curves around to the back of the house and under a roofed patio almost the entire length of the house, so it will serve as a car port and patio combined

I like the wheelchair ramp. We don’t need one, but you never know if we might. It also makes the home accessible for any visitors who use a walker or wheelchair.

When you come in through the front door, you enter a large, open plan living/dining/kitchen area
Dining area. I love that many of the windows go from almost ceiling to floor
There’s a new stove coming for the kitchen (included in purchase price)
Master Bedroom – That’s a queen sized bed in there now, but plenty of room for a king
Master Bathroom – I think my favourite room of all. I can’t wait for soaks in the big garden tub. We’ll replace the carpet on the step with ceramic tiles.

There’s a nice sized laundry room with a new washer and dryer included.

Hubs is pleased that there’s a big work shop out back and it even has its own bathroom (toilet and sink), so that’s a nice bonus.

When we return in the fall, we’ll be doing furniture and decor shopping. The furniture that’s in the house is part of the deal, but I have a thing about beds and sofas when I didn’t know the previous owner. We’ll put the queen sized bed into one of the guest rooms and buy a new mattress for it. The second guest room already has a bed and dresser, so we’ll just need a new mattress there. We’ll purchase a king for the master.

I’m thinking a southwestern theme will fit well. A bonus to that is that I’ll be able to pick up most, if not all of my decor items (wall decorations, cushions, plant pots, towels, linens, etc) in Mexico at very reasonable prices. We’ve also had tips from friends here about furniture shops around the RGV that have good prices and free delivery.

These are exciting times! I feel the same thrill as I did when we were newlyweds and setting up our first home. We’ll be here six more days to make sure all of our ducks are in a row before we head out. When we return in the fall, we’ll just bring our car and move in to our new winter home!

“Our home is our castle, our sanctuary, our haven of safety. It is where we can just be, create, and enjoy the pleasures of life.

Jewel Star