We travel past the iconic San Benito water tower several times over the winter en route to some of our favourite spots to visit in South Texas. These places include Port Isabel, South Padre Island, Boca Chica Beach, and Brownsville.

Freddy Fender was one of my favourite singers during the 1970’s. I still have some of his songs on my walking playlists for warm up and cool down walking. One day, we’ll make a stop in San Benito. There’s a Freddy Fender Museum there (of course) and I’ve also read that there are some great old buildings on Main Street.

My feature photo was taken from the car on the way by. Unfortunately, it needed a fair bit of post processing to correct white balance, clarity, etc, but over all, it’s an ok photo considering the circumstances.

This one is clearer, and I like the birds on the wires. Unfortunately, the angle wasn’t a good one to catch all of the writing on the water tower, and I prefer to have the tower off center in the pic. Sometimes (often), we just can’t have it all in photography.

Today, we’ll pass the San Benito water tower again, en route to one of my South Texas bucket list places. I’ve wanted to visit this destination since we first wintered here two years ago. I’m so excited! I won’t tell you where it is (that will be tomorrow’s post), but I’ll give you a hint: It’s another place for us to feel like kids again.

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”

Anita Desai