On my morning walks in our RV park, I’ve seen a shrub blooming all winter long in several yards. The small purple flowers reminded me of baby petunias.

I finally photographed them last week, and sure enough, when I did an image search this morning, I discovered that they’re called Mexican Petunias.

In post processing, I did minor adjustments in the Snapseed app using the lens blur, tonal contrast, and curves tools. All I wanted was a bit more colour depth in the purple in order to give stronger definition in the petals. This was the original:

Apparently, the blooms on these herbaceous plants don’t last much longer than a day and the plants themselves can become invasive if not tended to properly. I haven’t seen evidence of them being a nuisance in our park, so the residents who have them must be tending them well.

“The earth laughs in flowers.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson