One of the bloggers I follow is . In addition to his great photos of places and wildlife in South Africa, his blog is varied with easy to follow photography and photo editing tips, thoughts on creativity, and motivational posts.

One of his recent posts was about how to use a few Snapseed settings in post processing to enhance/improve flower photos. I had used some of these settings before, but a couple were new to me, so I decided to give them a try.

This was the original of my feature photo:

The first thing I did was to rotate it sideways to accommodate optimal feature photo orientation. After that, I followed some of the suggested “tweaks” in Snapseed to tighten the focus and to get the colours closer to what you see with the naked eye.

My main problem was, that between some camera shake and a gentle breeze, my focus was pretty bad to begin with. The other thing is, when I’m power walking, I don’t stop long enough to take a my time to set up a decent photo or to take several shots of the same thing, in hopes that one will be good. Only so much can be done with a poorly focused original. I hope we’ll have a calm day soon, and with the home owner’s permission, I’ll use my phone tripod to set up this shot again.

“A photograph is a click away. A good photograph is a hundred clicks away and a better one, a thousand clicks away”

Kowtham Kumar K