On my past few morning walks, Ive been seeing signs of springtime in South Texas.

The trees are leafing out and the roses are blooming again.

Sadly, back home in Saskatchewan, Canada, they’re still enduring a very harsh winter. Many are saying they don’t recall a winter this severe for over 60 years.

On the one hand, I’m happy we’ve missed that. On the other, I feel guilty. This winter in South Texas hasn’t been as warm as usual either, but even on our worst weather days here, we’re not even remotely close to what folks are experiencing at home.

My cousin gave me permission to share this photo she took of the huge snowdrift alongside the school in my home town (20 miles from where we live in Sask).

Photo Credit: Carrie Moore

Saskatchewan doesn’t move their clocks with daylight savings time. After we “spring forward” here in South Texas, I’ll be walking an hour later than usual in order to walk at sunrise. Somehow, I can never reconcile this when we’re here.

“I’ve lived on the equator all my life and we never had to change clocks. Now they’re telling me time goes forward an hour after midnight? What is this, Narnia?”

Joyce Rachelle