This winter, my favourite power walking runners breathed their last. They were Merrells and had served me well for over 2,000 K (1243 miles) of power walking.

I especially loved the Merrells because of their arch supports. I have very high arches and it’s hard to find exercise shoes that give the support I need.

Sadly, Merrell walkers weren’t available at any of the sport shoe stores here, and I think we checked in at every one in existence in the RGV.

After trying various brands, I finally settled on the Hoka Clifton 8’s in my feature photo. The toe box is roomy and although the arch support isn’t as strong as in the Merrells, it’s enough to prevent me from getting sore feet or tired legs. Also, despite their appearance, they’re very lightweight.

There was something familiar about the colour that I didn’t figure out until this morning.

Web Image

If I never get the chance to see one, perhaps I can be one 😉

“Blue-footed Boobies nest on islands in the tropical eastern Pacific. Though thousands live in Mexico’s Gulf of California, finding them in the United States or Canada is challenging.”

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