Several shops en route to and in Port Isabel, Tx and South Padre Island, Tx have dramatically grand and “over the top” entryways.

I’ve only photographed two of these so far, but plan to catch as many of them as I can locate on our next visit. I’m thinking about making a collage of these to print on canvas.

It’s hard to believe we’ll be leaving in about four short weeks. We have a few more things we’d still like to do before we make our way north. We’ll make one more trip to SPI and one more to Mexico for sure. In addition, we have two more places on our South Texas Bucket List for this winter. I hope the weather cooperates so we can see them both and so I can share them with you.

My friend, Annette, will be returning from her winter in Mexico sometime this month, en route to her home in Eastern Canada. I’m sure her stop here will involve one or two more photo tours we’ll do together.

On our way home, we plan to do some stops at places we haven’t visited before, so that will be exciting. There’s always something to look forward to, for which I feel truly lucky and blessed.

“Every exit you take is just an entrance to a different location. Therefore, exits don’t exist; they’re all just entrances to another place.”

Nitya Prakash