Pickleball is a popular paddle sport among snowbirds. It’s a combination of badminton, table tennis, and tennis.

Our park boasts six of the finest courts in the RGV (according to those who take the sport seriously and travel to tournaments throughout the valley).

Our courts are busy with many enthusiasts from our park early every morning and a few every evening. Once a week there’s a late morning “mixer” where people from other parks come to compete.

The first year we were here, I was considering trying it. After hearing of some misadventures on the courts such as falls resulting in concussions or broken bones, I thought better of it and took it up as a spectator sport. Coordination isn’t one of my strong points, so why tempt fate?

Even if I’m not actively taking part, it’s a fun sport to watch from the sidelines and wish I was brave enough to play.

My feature photo was taken just before sunset. I’m always pleased with the low-light and action shot capabilities of my iPhone 12 Pro.

“Pickleball, making retirement great again.”

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