The Black Dragon Pirate Ship Cruise out of Port Isabel, TX was fun from the moment we exited the gift shop to wait on the wharf for the adventure to begin.

When it was time for passengers to board the pirate ship, a canon (in feature photo) was fired at the wharf by pirate Scully. It looked like a small canon, but it made an impressive boom and lots of smoke, and the children squealed with mounting excitement.

Scully then lead the passengers down the long pier to the Black Dragon gangway. His raspy voice and comedic representation of a bit of a bumbling pirate kept us laughing for the entire two-hour tour.

It wasn’t long before the sword fighting began
All of the children got a chance to sword fight the pirate of their choice
Everyone on board was given a loaded water pistol for a pistol fight
The costumes were very well done
The children also got to collect treasure!
“Booty” (Mardi Gras Beads) was delivered to all passengers
My favourite pirate enjoying the view

In addition to providing lots of fun, Scully and the crew alerted us to dolphins and provided lots of historical and other information as to what we were seeing from the ship, both on shore and on the water.

It was an afternoon well-spent that I’d recommend to anyone visiting Port Isabel, TX.

“And did I not mention our gold treasure chest Of pirates trinkets and things you like best?”

Leigh Gardener