One year after we bought our motorhome, we bought “Libby”. Our little Jeep Liberty was previously owned and came with the name, so we kept it.

We have another car at home, but because we tow, setting it up to tow would have been a major expense. Also, in my mind, towing it would have reduced the trade-in/sale value due to unavoidable stone chip damage that happens with a toad. We could have bought a trailer to tow our car, but this would have been another expense in terms of purchase price and then having to plate it. It would have caused headaches in terms of loading and unloading if we wanted to snoop around en route and yet another expense would have been to store the trailer for the winter.

Libby was accustomed to (and set up for) being towed behind a motorhome. She was the right price, had low mileage, 4-wheel drive, and was the perfect size for beetling around. Even when we stop somewhere en route to our destinations, it’s easy to unhook from the Blue Ox tow bar so we can check out the places we stop. Hubs and I just agreed the other day, that this little Jeep owes us nothing.

My feature photo was taken at South Padre Island. I loved how Libby’s windows reflected and framed the sky and palm trees. I cropped and then did a wee bit of tweaking for exposure in post processing and that was it for edits.