When hubs and I book a hotel room, the “must have” list is, in order of priority: cleanliness, a breakfast included in the price, a pool/jacuzzi, and a convenient location for our plans.

On our recent stay at South Padre Island, we stayed at La Quinta Inn and Suites. We’ve used this chain before, and also, this particular hotel. It checks all of the boxes for us.

My favourite amenity at this hotel is the breakfast. In addition to the usual breakfast included fare (we’ve found this to be one of the best in terms of variety), there’s an omelette station where you can have a made to order omelette prepared in front of you. I like to order mine with all of the ingredients, because I seldom include vegetables with breakfast, so this is an opportunity to do just that.

It’s fun to watch the chefs as they skillfully flip the omelettes in the air to turn them and then, at the exact right moment, fold them perfectly, all the while carrying on a pleasant conversation with the hotel guests. It’s a perfect kick-off to a day of exploring.

Do you have favourite hotels? What are your “must haves” when booking a room?