After finally enjoying a couple of beautifully warm days, we’ve unfortunately hit another cold snap in the RGV.

The sudden drop in temperature yesterday has me hunkered down under a quilt in our motorhome with both the furnace and a space heater running, and debating whether I’ll get out for my walk.

I found this photo I took at the SPI Birding and Nature Center, and today, I can identify with the slow moving Sulcata Tortoise (African Spurred Tortoise). There were several of these big guys at the Center. All were rescued from people who had them as pets but could either longer care for them or no longer wanted them. I’ve never been able to figure out why people would want pets that can live 70 years or more.

The only editing I did to the photo was to crop it and strengthen the colours a bit in Snapseed. The original photo was a little washed out from the bright sunlight.