As I was looking through my photos this morning for a blog post idea, I came across a few I had snapped at Quinta Mazatlan of water droplets after a rain.

I had attached my Moment Macro Lens for iPhone, and my goal was to catch a crisp reflection of anything in a droplet. Because I had nowhere in reach of the branches to set up my mini tripod, I had no choice but hand-held. Often, hand-held with macro photography causes too much camera shake, which results in blurred images.

My feature photo is of a two tiny droplets on a fine filament-like branch of a tree that was unfamiliar to me.

I was pleased that I was able to hold my phone still enough to get a reasonably clear reflection of the surrounding grasses in the main droplet . I also like the green bokeh, as it seems to enhance the reflection in the droplet.

These two images aren’t as crisp, but I’m going to keep them. There’s something about them that I like.

Whenever I’m shooting a series of photos with the same subject, I’m always pleased if I get one I like.