I check the hourly forecast on my weather app each night before I go to sleep.

This tells me the approximate time I’ll be power walking. There are certain temperatures and weather conditions that make this form of exercise not only more enjoyable but much more bearable. I’d rather walk in cooler temps vs hot and I prefer to avoid heavy winds and rain downpours. A light rain is fine, and thankfully that’s what most of the rains are here.

I always enjoy walking in the fog. Surprisingly, the extra humidity doesn’t bother my lungs like it does on a clear and warm humid morning. There’s also a feeling of mystery in fog that I like.

I tried a black and white rendering of my cover photo because sometimes fog looks good in black and white. I like both photos for different reasons. How about you?

Whenever I see a heavy fog alert on my weather app (and that’s often here on RGV mornings), I know I’m in for some enjoyable exercise.

I know I’ve done a few posts about walking in the fog. Some of those are itemized by WordPress below this post. I guess that shows how much I enjoy this weather condition (as long as I’m not driving in it).