There’s one thing that’s guaranteed in the Rio Grande Valley in the wintertime. The wind is going to blow.

I consulted Professor Google to find out why, and found many lengthy “weatherese” explanations from which I’ll spare you. Knowing why doesn’t change it and we learn to live with it.

Yesterday afternoon was extremely windy, so Hubs and I decided to just spend time at our park’s pool and hot tub. The temperature was 27°C (80.6°F) so it was a perfect pool day.

This is the pool area at our park. I took this photo a couple of days after we arrived here in November.

My feature photo was isolated from a little video I shot at the pool yesterday afternoon. It’s shot from a different vantage point, but aimed in the same direction, so you can see how much the palms were blowing.

The downside about the frequent winds is that they spread pollen, so allergy sufferers like Hubs have a tough time. The upsides are that the winds make hot days less stifling and they seldom last more than a day at a time. Today will be a calm 30°C (86°F), so I’m thinking some exploring might be in order.