There’s a tree in our RV park that several residents have identified as an olive tree.

I pass this tree every morning on my power walks. Often, I can’t walk by without stopping to take a closer look and a few photos. It’s the only tree of its kind in our park, and the more I study it and run my images, the more I’m convinced it’s not an olive tree a all.

The insert in my feature photo shows the blossoms, which were plentiful in mid December.

Below are the “fruits” that replaced the blossoms at the end of January.

From all of the photos I’ve searched, everything about this tree is wrong for an olive tree. The trunk of the tree is wrong, the leaf shape is wrong, the blossom is wrong, and the fruit is wrong. So, how did the olive tree rumour start? I know that once I was told it was an olive tree, I told hubs that’s what it was, and I imagine he told others. That’s how the rumour mill goes, and before long, a guess becomes “fact”.

If any of my readers can help me identify this tree so I can set the record straight, I’d sure appreciate it!