As I was going through my photos this morning, I found a short video of a sunrise from our hotel balcony at South Padre Island.

I think I was trying to capture a memory of the sunrise with the only sound being the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico rolling in to the beach.

As I watched the video, I saw a seagull crossing the landscape and wondered if I could isolate it in just the right spot above the sun’s reflection on the water. I have an editing app called Video 2 Photo. It allows you to select any frame in a video to save as a still photo.

My feature photo is a frame from the video. I’m reasonably pleased with the quality, but liked the wings of the seagull better in this frame (less than a second later in the video).

Now why couldn’t that darn seagull have had his wings in the right shape at the right time? I guess Mother Nature doesn’t give two hoots about my OCD-ish personality.

💘Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 💘