The South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center has a bit more than 0.625 miles (1Km) of boardwalks. A 1Km walk at my exercise pace takes me 10 minutes. This walk took hubs and I over two hours to complete.

Along the way are five bird blinds. Four of the five blinds, have a wall of information about the various species of birds that come to the area and each wall has different birds featured. In addition to providing a great vantage point to watch different species, the bench and the roof provide rest and respite from the hot sun for those visitors who may need that.

Two of the bird blinds stand right in the waters of the Laguna Madre Bay

Along the boardwalk you’ll find lots of interesting information posted.

Hubs and I are both avid readers of every bit of information available for everywhere we visit. Between me stopping to take photos, and both of us soaking up every word on every sign, this is why what could have been a short walk turned into over two hours.

I took my feature photo shortly after we arrived and about half way up our climb to the top of the five story tower and lookout. It was a great day of exercise, photography practice, and most importantly, togetherness enjoying nature. This was hubs’ first time joining me at a birding center and I know by his enjoyment of this one, that it won’t be his last.