This is the third post in my series about the birds we encountered on a recent trip to South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center.

As we walked the long and curving boardwalk, some birds were in the waters right next to us. Others could be observed from the several bird blinds placed strategically along the way. At all times though, we had to keep our eyes open to look beyond the “easy” spottings, because we saw so many species in the trees, in amongst the reeds, and in little meanders such as the one in my feature photo.

This was a very long zoom attempt for the little phone tele lens I had attached, and resulted in the need for severe cropping in post processing. Because of this, the clarity is lacking, but I’m still happy with the catch.

What I do love is that I caught a “meeting” of several species at this spot and was able to get a few photos of different species together.

My favourite image from this area along our walk is my feature photo, where a Great Blue Heron, a Spoonbilled Roseate, and a White Faced Ibis took time out from the meeting for a photo op.