In yesterday’s blog post, I started a short series featuring some of the unique bird species we encountered on a recent visit to South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center. We enjoy so many wonderful places that are an hours drive or less from our RV park, and this is one I know I’ll visit often.

The day was slightly overcast, so the birds were out in full force and the clouds provided a perfect natural filter for photos. I used my smart phone tele lens and between this and some cropping in post processing, I was pleased with the quality of the shots. Most of the birds were in wonderfully close range to view and photograph.

The birds in today’s feature photo are Black Bellied Whistling Ducks, and yes folks, they do whistle! We spent a lot of time watching a large raft of them swimming, hunting for food in the water and on the water’s edge, and preening. With their bubble-gum pink feet and bills, their vividly coloured feathers, and their almost canary-like chirping, they provided great entertainment.

You can hear their sound by clicking on this link:

Isn’t it a fun thing when you expect a “quack” but hear this instead?