After checking out the Quinta Mazatlan adobe mansion, we ventured out into the drizzling rain to walk the paths.

Each path is winding and has a theme. I liked that you couldn’t see far ahead, because there was a surprise around every corner. This kept my anticipation level high. Maybe that was part of the plan when the paths were developed.

Although the grounds are only 20 acres, it took us the better part of two hours to walk every path, stop to read signs, examine the plants and, of course, stop to take photos. Imagine how long it would have taken us if the birds were out!

Natural Canopies
Stone Amphitheater
Aptly Named
So lush with vegetation!
Many water features throughout the grounds
A little damp but happy. That’s me on the left with my dear friend and fellow hobby photography enthusiast, Annette on the right

“After a day’s walk, everything has twice its usual value.”

G. M. Trevelyan