On January 8th, my friend Annette and her husband picked us up to spend an afternoon at South Padre Island.

A local performer we all enjoy was playing at a little beach bar there.

Coco Beach Bar and Grill was named Boomerang Billy’s when we all last visited two years ago. I’m guessing the misspelling of Cocoa in the new name was deliberate, so as not to infringe on all things Cocoa Beach in Florida. The beach bar is old and could definitely use some new seating, but then, maybe that would take away from the charm. Despite the furnishings being somewhat tattered, with the beach umbrellas over the tables, live entertainment, a great view of the Gulf of Mexico, and the waves crashing for background noise, there’s still a perfect ocean vibe.

It was a sunny and warm afternoon, so we all just sat back, enjoyed our adult beverages and sang along to familiar songs from Leslie Blasing, a very versatile and popular entertainer throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

My feature photo is of the boardwalk that stretches from Coco Beach Bar and Grill to near the waters edge.

My preferred editing option for street photography is to render the photos in black and white. I’ve recently learned that photography of activity at the beach is also considered street photography, so I decided to give it a go with this scene and I was pleased with the outcome.

“Beaches are God’s poetry.”

Steve Maraboli