The Gelman Stained Glass Museum in Sun Juan Texas is a new building built in the style of a gothic castle.

The foyer has several large stained glass samples. The one that stood out to me was this round one on the ceiling as you walk in from outdoors.

When you open the big wooden doors and step inside the museum, you soon realize that the museum itself is built in the shape of a cross, with the cross arms housing two smaller, yet still magnificent rooms.

This working antique pipe organ is in the cross arm room to the left

Many of my photos were an editing challenge. The height of the windows, the combination of panels, and my low shooting position caused all kinds of visual distortions (the appearance of leaning or crooked windows). I worked with the perspective tool in Snapseed to get these images post-ready for today. They’re not perfect, but they’re much better.

“The less the camera is able to capture what you’re seeing in a scene, the more editing it needs.”

Tom Anderson