After stopping at the SpaceX launch pad, it was only a few hundred yard’s drive to the beach.

Boca Chica Beach is about 23 miles east of Brownsville, TX (on Highway 4, which dead-ends at the Gulf of Mexico). Street-licensed vehicles can travel on the sand, but ATV’s and RV’s are strictly forbidden. The beach is open from sunrise to sunset and entrance is free, however, you cannot camp or otherwise stay overnight.

Another thing to keep in mind before going for a beach drive, is the nesting season for sea turtles

The sand dunes on the west side of the wide, long beach have vegetation that you wouldn’t think would survive growing in sand, like this Ivy.

The day was warm, the waves were rolling, and the powdery white sand was inviting, so we put our Jeep into 4-wheel drive, rolled down the windows, turned up the radio, and for a while, we were teenagers again. We were well outside of turtle nesting season, so we cruised the beach with no hesitation. Every once in a while, we exchanged smiles and winks. It was so much fun, and positively magical!

“You are never too old to become younger”

Mae West