On Christmas Day, 2021, we drove over to Boca Chica Beach (about a 75 minute drive from our park).

Our “mission” was to check out Elon Musk’s SpaceX there. Hubs is a true “Trekky” so he was pretty excited about this trip.

We were shocked to see how close to the highway the rocket production facility is, and equally surprised that we could just park our vehicle and walk through unsecured gates, right up to the rockets.

SpaceX Rocket Production Facility and Command Base
The Closest We’ll Ever Get to a Space Rocket! (That’s hubs to the bottom right of the rocket)

The day was warm and sunny, and the clear blue sky was a perfect backdrop for all things space-related.

The two big satellites that track launches

About a mile or so down the highway and on the opposite side, is the launch pad. You can’t enter this area, but it’s also very close to the highway so it’s easy to see what’s there and to get some photos.

SpaceX South Texas Launch Pad

At the moment, this facility is still doing only test launches. On days that they’re launching, the highway is understandably shut down. This has become an issue with some people in Brownsville (the nearest city) because they feel the tests are being done too often. The only highway to Boca Chica Beach runs out of Brownsville.

Because it’s controversial, and one never knows what lies ahead for controversial businesses, and mostly because it brought joy to my “Trekky”, I’m happy we made the drive to see it. Truthfully, I found it all very interesting and enjoyed it too!

“People should pursue what they’re passionate about. That will make them happier than pretty much anything else.”

Elon Musk