Our RV park is a 20 minute drive from the Mexican border. We’ve been told by locals here, that the crossing we use at Progreso, TX is the safest in this area. Each winter, we try to make a few trips to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico.

To get there, we drive to the Progreso International Bridge, park our car on the American side, and then walk across to spend a few hours in the market and enjoy an authentic Mexican lunch.

This winter, our first trip was on Dec 21.

I snapped my feature photo as we walked across the bridge. Some young fellows were enjoying a swim in the Rio Grande River. It was fun to stop and listen to their laughter as they cooled off in the river.

As you walk into Mexico, this concrete statue of their flag greets you.

The next thing you see (during the Christmas season) is the Christmas tree. The sign at the base says “Welcome Back Winter Texans 2021”

The economy of these border towns is very reliant on tourism, so the border closure last year had a significant impact.

We’re heading back to Nuevo Progreso today for a few hours, and no doubt, more photos will be taken. My next post or two will be more about our December visit.

“This may be the one clear truth of the so-called border issue: Put a poor country next to a rich one and watch which way the traffic flows. Add impediments, the traffic endeavors to flow around them. Eliminate disparity, the traffic stops. If Mexico were as rich as we are, we’d only be getting their tourists.”

George Saunders