The day after we arrived at our winter home, I resumed my power walking. It felt so good after not walking at all during our journey to get here, and very little for a few weeks prior to that because of my broken arm.

I’m now back at it regularly again, and am increasing both my speed and distance with each walk.

On my cool down walks, I snap photos around our park.

I love all of the flowers that are foreign to us in our part of Canada and I especially love that we’re in a place where they bloom all winter.

My feature photo is of a beautiful Bougainvillea bush near us. Although my preference for flower photography is either close-up or macro, sometimes I snap a photo of the entire plant if I want to show its size or the number of blossoms.

Here are a few close-ups of the beauties along my way.

Crown of Thorns

There are so many more, which I’ll maybe feature in another post. Our park is in full bloom and I’m loving it!