We chose a different lot this year.

Two years ago we were across the street and facing south. The hot afternoon sun was a killer and at a certain point, our canopy and screen didn’t even help.

Our lot this year faces north, so we enjoy the warm morning sun on our patio and then our motorhome provides all the shade we need from around 2 pm onwards. We don’t even need to roll our canopy out now unless it rains.

A big bonus is that this lot has a shed that’s fully wired and plumbed to accommodate a washer and drier. We’re only steps from the laundromat so at this point, we don’t plan to purchase those appliances. We will however, purchase another fridge to keep in there for larger items that take up too much space in our motorhome fridge. I’ll also use the shed for Instant Pot cooking. I have an idea for a winter crafting project which involves painting. The shed is a perfect location for that, so it’s a she shed … so far.

We’ve applied for the 6 and 6 plan, which will guarantee this lot and the shed for all future visits. This lot is perfectly and conveniently located, so we wanted to be sure to get it for as long as we continue to winter in this area.

The palm trees are among my many favourite things about South Texas. To be able to always have some of them in sight behind my she shed is a bonus.