On November 17, just before noon, we arrived at the RV parts and repairs place in New Braunfels, TX.

Hubs always amazes me. We were there for parts only once, two years ago. He drove straight to the place without checking an address or a map. They tell me that’s how a truck driver’s mind operates. Mine sure doesn’t work like that!

We were able to get a new cap for the fridge vent, and that was installed quickly.

That’s the new cap to the left of the ladder

They didn’t have the fan vent cover in stock, so we figured we’d chance it until we got to our destination. It didn’t look like rain was going to be an issue.

While we were there, we also had a faulty signal light repaired on our toad.

We tow a little Jeep Liberty – Fun and good on fuel

While the guys did their thing, I wandered around the yard and snapped a few photos (of course)

Not sure what the rooster was for 😂
Nice to see flowers blooming in November!

Although we were only four hours from our winter home, we’d have one more night (hopefully rainless) before arriving at our destination. We were in New Braunfels until late afternoon and we prefer to pull in to our park in daylight with lots of day remaining to set up.