We’ve had a busy past few days.

My cast came off Monday (hooray!). Im now sporting a splint for one month. I have so much more comfort and freedom of movement than what I had with the cast. I can now type and eat with my left hand and have a two-handed hair wash again! It’s the little things.

Since Monday, we’ve been wrapping up last minute errands around town, condo business for hubs (he sits on the condo board), and touching base with my sister, who “condo sits” for us over the winter.

Today, we take the motorhome out of storage and start loading our clothes, groceries, and everything else we’ll need for the next five and a half months. Our dishes and things like that stay in the motorhome but it’s always a learning curve to make the lists outlining everything one needs over a time span like that.

Another exciting thing about having my cast off is that I’m able to operate my phone camera again. The splint has some flexibility that the cast didn’t have. To celebrate, I took my feature photo from our balcony this morning to show you the stunning sunrises we’ve been enjoying.

I’m not certain how regularly I’ll be posting over the next week or so. We leave Friday morning and we’re giving ourselves 5-7 days to get to south Texas. We do daytime driving only and don’t rush from point to point. If we have wifi when we stop at night, I’ll do a post.