Our RV Park in South Texas will be full of blooming flowers. Their current temperatures in the high 20’s Celsius (High 70’s to low 80’s Fahrenheit) are conducive winter blossoms.

I took this photo two years ago today. We had arrived at Casa del Valle, Alamo, TX, just four days prior and I was loving my November morning walks surrounded by fruit and palm trees, green lawns and shrubs, and flowers of every description. This is in stark contrast to our Saskatchewan Novembers, which offer bare trees, icy winds, and most often, snow.

I can’t recall if I was trying to catch the bee buried deep in the flower, or if it was a happy accident. Either way, I think he added to the shot.

In editing, I cropped, resized, and tightened up the contrast a bit, in order to better feature the busy fellow.

Am I excited to get back to South Texas? You bet I am! Like an impatient toddler, I’m now “counting the sleeps”

“A bee is never as busy as it seems; it’s just that it can’t buzz any slower.”

Kin Hubbard