I-15 North and I-70 East from St George Utah to Grand Junction Colorado are two of the most breathtaking Interstate Highways that I’ve ever been on. It has one of the few stretches of Interstate Highway that has designation as a national scenic byway.

In Feb of 2016, we were returning home via car from several weeks vacation in Nevada and Arizona and decided to take this route as we’d never traveled it before.

Hubs was laughing at my continual oooh’s, aaah’s, wow!!’s and loook at that!!’s.

All of my photos were “on the way by” with my DSLR camera (fitted with zoom lens) set to sports mode.

Google got a good workout this morning as I researched the different rock formations we saw.

By definition, my feature photo is possibly a combination of buttes, hoodoos, and a mesa.

Mesa and Buttes

If you’ve never been on this road, but the landscape looks familiar, perhaps it’s because many western movies were shot in this area.

“ I’m fascinated by beautiful scenery and what we have here on this Earth.”

Matt Lanter